Sunday, February 26, 2017

5 important Skills Your Sales Team Needs to Have to Grow Business

While every part of your business is a vital cog in the wheel, if you are a company that relies on the power of selling products to customers, you need to be sure that your sales team is the best they can be. These people are your first line of attack, and they need to be capable of fine attention to detail and be a dab hand in the skill of psychology. While this may sound like an overblown statement, the best sellers are people who know when to speak, to not speak, and to gauge the winds in any given situation. There are some basic skills that you need your team to possess, and here are some key ones.

Understand the Buyer

This is numero uno. The ability to identify the type of experience the buyer wants is a key to getting them to make a purchase. Every buyer has a set of expectations when they wish to make a purchase, the sales staff needs to exceed those expectations. So by going to the customer and getting a feel for buyer needs, and being sensitive to those needs, will have a positive impact on them. So many sales people use the “something in common” approach and will push this point home, as if this is the tool to closing the sale. It isn’t that at all.